Stuff About West Orange, NJ

Hi, all. Welcome to the site.
If you’re looking for the online properties of the town government of West Orange, New Jersey, here they are:
Website, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram.

Heard about the forum?

If you want to participate by posting or commenting, you will need to register.
You don’t need to register to read it.

Heard about the cease-and-desist letter?

I got a Cease-and-desist letter on behalf of the town, demanding that I stop owning or using the domain.

Other places to talk

West Orange Watercooler: a moderated email group for all of West Orange.
West Orange Local Forum: A lightly moderated forum on, created and moderated by resident Jake Freivald, who also created this site.
Gregory Neighborhood List: a lightly moderated email group for people who live in the Gregory, Rock Spring, or Saint Cloud areas.
@westorangenj: Unofficial West Orange Twitter Handle run by citizen Jake Freivald.
Gregory Neighborhood Facebook Group

Commuter information

Schedules for the “Jitneys” or shuttle to the local train stations
Sign up for text alerts for the jitneys.
West Orange Jitney Facebook page (also gives alerts).
NJ Transit trip planner. Use South Orange, Mountain, or Orange stations to see train stops. Use “West Orange, NJ” if you want to see bus routes.

Places to get news

West Orange Grassroots: A government-oriented site started by Councilman Joe Krakoviak.
Baristanet: “hyperlocal blogging” and “online citizen journalism”.
West Orange Patch: Part of the AOL conglomerate.
West Orange on West Orange articles that made it into the Star-Ledger or other major press.
The Alternative Press of West Orange: Read the second half of this article, and consider yourself warned.
Essex News Daily: Formerly the West Orange Chronicle.


West Orange municipal Website, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram.
Town Council agendas and videos
West Orange municipal ordinances at ClerkBase
Board of Education
Property Tax Search by name or address
Tax tables, including levies and breakdowns (county vs. municipal vs. education taxes), for all towns in New Jersey
Essex County government
Essex County Property Tax Data
NJ State Education Data
NJ State Statutes

The Trenk Law Firm and the Cease-and-desist letter they sent me on behalf of the town.

Other Good West Orange-related Stuff

Turtleback Zoo: Web site, Facebook, Twitter
West Orange History by local historian Joe Fagan
Parents Advocating for Special Services in Education (PASSE): website and Facebook

More to come.

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    I see you have a designated “area” called “Gregory Neighborhood List” – I knew a person 35 years ago named “Gregory” and I hereby demand you to cease and desist using his name.

    • Jake Freivald

      Area 51 called to complain about the use of “area”, too. This is getting way too complicated.

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    • Jake Freivald

      I’m sorry, you misspelled “confusting”.

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    On behalf of Florida, California and parts of Europe, I request you refrain from mentioning oranges on this site. People may become confused and try to juice your site, or take a bite of it, resulting in serious mouth or blender damage.

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      yes that Lawyer …. had to send that to a cousin in law… who’s learning to be one. Need more of that humor in the biz :)

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    Great letter, well researched and to the point. Salute. Its time to show the Publicans whos boss in our modern Federal Reserve note/Any Bank note world. WE THE PEOPLE make the rules, Trial by Jury in a court of record for all matters. God bless you all.

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  • Wade

    This website has given me the impression that West Coast and Orange County Choppers had merged, and this website was just a placeholder for their upcoming website once it had gone official? No? It is blatantly obvious by everyone visiting this website, that was your intent. This could not be reasonably construed in any other way.

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    I can’t find the link to vote for mayor. This isn’t a very user friendly site.

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  • pk_sea

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    How The West Orange Was Won?

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  • ThatPrepGuy

    While peeling our oranges this afternoon, the employees in the lunch room at voted to contribute $50 to your legal defense fund should you have a need. On behalf of all of us in California (where the Western Oranges come from) we stand by you 100%.

    • Jake Freivald

      *That* is a really nice offer. Thank you very much.

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  • Monique

    The most “confusting” thing about this entire situation for me is that there is a township in Eastern New Jersey called West Orange. At that point, I think the local government needs to just expect that there will be a lot of other websites in the world involving the words “West” and “Orange” that are not about their little town. Using the word “demand” and giving you a deadline was so rude! Where the hell do they get off acting like they have any authority over the internets? Your site is clearly not trying to trick anyone and clearly states who is moderating the forum and who is involved with the links posted. I don’t know what their disagreement is with you but whatever your political stance, you seem to be a fair and honest guy about it, and well within your rights!

  • JM

    Best lawyer ever. Greetings from The Netherlands!

  • expat

    I hope Mr. Kaplitt is well-versed in international law, I have it on good authority that the city of Orange, located in the Central West region of New South Wales, Australia, has both an east and a west side. Somehow the Aussies found it in their hearts to be sister cities with the residents of the city of Orange, in Orange County, California, but have not managed to warm up enough to solidify such ties with the citizens of Orange County, Florida. We have been unable to reach Orange, France, and the Orange Free State of South Africa for comment, but we remain confused about these increasing international tensions.

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    You have the best lawyer ever!

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  • JL

    I was looking for info on a Mr. Wes T. Orange, and was brought here in confusion. I see nothing here on Mr. Orange, so I am very disappointed and must write you a letter telling you how disappointed I am.

  • Gary Englert’s Brain

    I hurt.

  • AntiOrange

    Are there also apples? What if I prefer apples?

  • Totally Not A Crazy Person

    On the behalf of Westor Ange, I request you refrain from mentioning anything with the following letters on this page to prevent confusion, W,E,S,T,O,R,A,N,G and E. Any remaining letters are free for you to use depending on legal rights in New Jersey.

  • Gary Englert’s Brain

    I hurt.

  • Joshua F. Cohen

    Does “Pro Bono” mean Counsel Kaplitt is a fan of Sonny Bono, may he Rest in Peace? If Sonny were alive today and Stephen Kaplitt represented him for free, would he be Pro Bono Bono? I am extremely confused my all of the legal terms. The only thing I DO understand is that the Rule Against Perpetuities applies, however I can’t figure out where. Please explain.

    • Dave Sfeld

      No, he’s with the law firm of Ronzoni Sono Buoni.

    • Jake Freivald

      No, it means he really likes Bono, the lead singer in U2. I guess that means Trenk is Con Bono, which means he has no taste in music.

  • daniel m

    Like a boss.

  • Anon

    I’m confusted.

  • Guest

    On behalf of the State of Texas, we request that you refrain from mentioning any town that shares a name with a city located in the State of Texas. People may be confused that you may be “messing with Texas” which is a blatant violation to the natural order of things. Failure to comply with this will result in Texas resident, Chuck Norris, to extract the domain name from your possession. Your lawyer should understand more than anyone else that “Don’t Mess With Texas” is the most supreme of all legal authorities. This includes Federal, State (definitely), local (duh), International, Intergalactic, Klingon, Romulan, Jedi, and Divine legal authorities. Your lawyer should concede this. If you have any questions, please contact the State of Texas and we will determine you are deemed worthy of an answer.


    Obnoxious Texan

    P.S.: I am a native Texan and obviously found out about your site through your lawyer’s most brilliantly written response to a cease and desist letter of all times. When my wife (also an attorney and native Texan) read it, she laughed for 30 minutes straight. Obviously, I can make fun of my state, though I do love it and wouldn’t leave it for anything.

    • Jake Freivald

      Apparently Texans do everything both big AND twice. And I’m surprised to see a Texan thinking about Federal law, much less intergalactic! But thank you for your support.

  • Obnoxious Texan

    On behalf of the State of Texas, we request that you refrain from mentioning any town that shares a name with a city located in the State of Texas. People may be confused that you may be “messing with Texas” which is a blatant violation to the natural order of things. Failure to comply with this will result in Texas resident, Chuck Norris, to extract the domain name from your possession. Your lawyer should understand more than anyone else that “Don’t Mess With Texas” is the most supreme of all legal authorities. This includes Federal, State (definitely), local (duh), International, Intergalactic, Klingon, Romulan, Jedi, and Divine legal authorities. Your lawyer should concede this. If you have any questions, please contact the State of Texas and we will determine whether or not you are deemed worthy of an answer.


    Obnoxious Texan

    P.S.: I am a native Texan and obviously found out about your site through your lawyer’s most brilliantly written response to a cease and desist letter of all times. When my wife (also an attorney and native Texan) read it, she laughed for 30 minutes straight. Obviously, I can make fun of my state, though I do love it and wouldn’t leave it for anything.

  • Phony in Kansas

    I was entirely disappointed that this site was not information concerning the newly genetically-modified “West Orange” which is said to have amazing healing powers and makes you a much more virile man or sexy woman. I’m calling my lawyer in the morning to have them write you a poorly-constructed, badly mangled in its spelling, poorly researched and reasoned cease-and-desist letter. Why? Because I like to live on the wild side. I might even have my attorney, who is not licensed to practice in the Garden State make some borderline-unethical demands so that she may be pulled into a hearing with her local bar association.

    Just wait until tomorrow!

  • George

    Congratulations on your legal victory over tyranny.

    • LeSellers

      It’s not a victory until the other guy gives up.

      Given the tendency of politicians and bureaucrats (who have no sense of humor, can’t even eat Good Humor Ice Cream Bars without getting a stomach ache), I doubt the township will cave so easily.

      However (I’m not a lawyer, and especially, I’m not Freivald’s lawyer, nor yours), it appears Trenk will have a very hard time making a case that would stand up in any unbiased court. That is to say, Freivald is toast.

      Mr. O’bama, will there ever be any Jobs?

  • lissack

    I am the pro bono lawyer for the “West” (there is someother guy for “East”). In order to ease any potential confusion which might arise concerning your falacious use of the word west on the Internet (by definition west is in reference to some other point and you have established no such other point as a reference), my client hereby grants you a non-exclusive but irrevocable license to make use of the word west with regard to anything orange in New Jersey. Now don’t go and get us more confused by using west with regard to any other color please.

  • Ed_Kel

    Saw your story on The Blaze – absolutely made my morning. Best. Lawyer. Ever.

  • nb8

    Can I sue the town of West Orange? Their website confused me into thinking into thinking it was yours.

  • NJlioness

    Damn, I can’t even read the “cease and desist” letter…so much traffic! You should consider asking the “Tan Mom” to be your mascot, err spokesperson. Is she the correct color of orange? BTW, you really shouldn’t use the word “West”, it is difficult for folks with a lisp to pronounce. You need to be politically correct in these trying times.

  • Jake Freivald

    I will email them to you immediately.

  • GG Allin’s Micro Penis

    You’re getting the Reddit hug of death.

  • HE Ambassador Rudolf Bekink

    On behalf of the House of Orange-Nassau, we demand that New Jersey immediately submits and subjects to the rule of Willem-Alexander, His Majesty The King of the Netherlands, Curaçao, Aruba, and Sint Maarten, Prince of Orange-Nassau, Jonkheer van Amsberg.

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    Wait a minute, I was looking for WE Storage. This is too confusting. Prepare to hear from my lawyer!

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    Your site is great…causing much interweb spontaneous confustation!

  • RoosterRedux

    Great site…causing much spontaneous confustion on the interweb!

  • PA

    Hello from Orange County, California. Nice color scheme, but it doesn’t meet our HOA guidelines (only beige allowed), please fix ASAP.

  • Paul T. McCain

    I am considering filing a suite because of your flagrant use of the word “west.”

    I have copyrighted the direction “west” and am vigorously pursuing my rights against all using my copyrighted direction. I’m also considering copyrighting the words “left” or “right” depending on whether or not they are used to direct people “west.”

  • John MacEnulty

    Your attorney has renewed my faith in the profession of Law.

  • erinjena

    I’m so impressed by your classy intro. on this page. Thanks for taking the opportunity to share the some of the many wonderful things about WO. I’m proud to call you my neighbor! Free speech is not dead, thanks for reminding us.

  • James Black

    Cease and Desist letter was an awesome read – thanks for the good time!

  • conflater

    “conflate”? really? ok, so, what does it mean? just more confustification from a lawyer.

  • Drewdad

    Expect cease-and-desist letters from Eager Towns Info and New Storage Info, because insane people may become confusted if they rearrange the letters when typing the address in their browsers….

    • Jake Freivald

      That took some effort, sir. Well done.

  • Hezzi

    That made it passed the “would you say it to a five-year-old” test? Confustifying

  • Jennifer Suzanne Skornik

    You have a fantastic lawyer! I hope you paid him more than $3.17.

  • Gecko5567

    I wouldn’t be surprised if this website is more popular than the actual West Orange website.

  • Gecko5567

    He probably just pays for the domain name and codes the site himself rather than paying some other business to do it for him.

  • Jesui

    Have a legal problem or question? Not sure where to take your property or trademark disputes?
    The best ineffective legal minds in the West Orange area are ready to represent your interests! Visit us at:

  • jurisprudence

    Well, if nothing else to “confust”, to be “confusted”, “confustable” or even “confustabalized” has taken its rightful place in internet lexicon (it has a storied history since at least 2004 ;-)

    And we might also add that one has been “Trenked” if having the misfortune of engaging inadequate legal representation … “The judge was about to throw out the case until my attorney opened his mouth … Damn, you were Trenked”.

  • H Andrew Lipps

    This is the best lawyer story I’ve heard since Lionel Hutz sued the movie makers of “The Never Ending Story”

    “Mr. Simpson, this is the most blatant case of fraudulent
    advertising since my suit against the film, “The Never-Ending

  • sun20backbench

    reminds me of that knock-knock joke that everyone’s five-year-old must learn, and repeat ad nasuem so their parents can perfect their ‘laughing even when it’s not funny’ laugh … orange you glad I reminded you of that one ? ;-)

  • chatvana

    You know you should plug your lawyer link in this site, personally we’d love to hire him. After all he is responsible for the traffic. No, i am not your lawyer masquerading.

  • thefoobar

    I was told there would be porn…

  • Slashdot User

    Your hosting company is about to regret their decision –>

  • mad.madrasi

    Is there any East Orange site you know of? :-D

  • Larry

    This website is misleading, it does not contain any information on Western Oranges. Lawyer up pal.

  • Jason Lane

    I’m confusted is this West Orange Studios, Preston, UK? Someone must be to blame for my confustition.

  • TheGrittyEdge

    So, things must be humming along just fine in West Orange, no pressing issues, nothing to work on, no roads in need of repair, the local economy must be booming, crime must be virtually nonexistent. Notihng to “fix” other than a “rogue” web site that MAY confuse and conflate the ignorant, uneducated masses who MAY stumble upon your site. Interesting.

  • Anyone but Obama

    Well, we know that Trent is a Dumbacrat. He’s arrogant, obnoxious and dumb as a bag of hammers. He’s right up there with Hank Johnson who thought Guam might tip over and Sheila Jackson Lee who thinks astronauts put a flag on Mars instead of the moon. I wonder if he hangs out with Joe Biden.

  • Prince de Orange

    Somehow a royal family in a tiny country in Europe has the family name Orange… I guess the city has some more C&D letters to write:-)

  • wireloose

    It’s not a DDOS attack. Your site was written up in Slashdot a few hours ago. Now you’ve been slashdotted. :) Lots of people curious to see your site.

  • Gearoid Murphy

    +1 Internetz to you good sir!

  • Fred Fornicatore

    I’m from Canada and don’t understand what the confusion is. So I’m confused. Why does it matter if your orange is west or east? Is it a religious thing? What if it was north, could you eat it then? I checked the Bob Lawblaw Law Blog and got no relief. So I sat down and cried and then sh@t myself.

  • DavidPatrick

    In the words that a 5 year old would understand and could probably get away with saying and/or hearing:

    The West Orange lawyer and his friends on the city council are big old, mean, unfunny poopie-heads who need to get a life and stop harassing people.

  • Sam Hill
  • Nitsedy

    As a person from Idaho I hereby demand that you cease and desist any and all use of the word “West”. “West” can only be applied to those regions to the geographic left of the longitudinal line dividing North Dakota from Montana running South until the border of Mexico. Your misuse of this term is like to leave people confusted. Should you fail to follow this request you must pay $10 meeeeeeeellion immediately.

  • ROY G. BIV

    Is West Orange between Red and Orange or Orange and Yellow?

  • max

    i live in orange county ny and i am offened by your use of my internets. i am confusted on where i should seek info on the west end of my county.

  • Rob

    Is this the official website of “the west”? If so, I would like to file a lawsuit for 1,000 years of colonialism, slavery and general cultural malaise.

  • santoscork

    Stephen B. Kaplitt you rock!

  • Matt

    Is this Can you help me get there?

  • Jake’s wife

    Personally, I think Jake should check with his wife before deciding not to put up ads. Seriously, kid in college and kid in diapers and a gazillion in between, plus the property taxes that pay for overpriced Town lawyers, and this ad idea is dismissed so quickly? ;)

    • Jake Freivald

      I’m sorry, darling, but I think you misspelled “kajillion”.

      • Goyo

        he pbly should have used brazillion

  • Jake Freivald

    As I heard a writing coach say, “‘Duh!’ is better than ‘Huh?’” In other words, better too simple and easy to use than too complicated and hard to use.

  • Jake Freivald

    I’m pretty sure that Wendy’s is gone. And yes, it was the world’s slowest.

  • da Law

    You’ve shattered my frozen-in-amber belief that humorous lawyer is an oxymoron. But I’m not sure who’s funnier. The Gestapo dude from the Township — who makes a mockery of the law and the more honorable profession of stand up comic — or your very own Stevie Wonder. Please don’t deflate us with a Tweet sometime next week that Steve really is not an attorney and has only passed the local bar exam requiring a beer after a shot. Because if he’s real, we can begin the campaign to impeach that crook Eric Holder knowing we have the perfect replacement.

  • Homer

    I build and maintain websites, if I ever charged a client $35k for a website, I’d be outta business REAL FAST!!!
    Way to go Atty Trenk and your town goons for trying to suppress the First Ammendment.
    Great way to not DENY IGNORANCE!!!

  • Petrina Baldwin

    Brilliant lawyer / well done

  • DOS_equis

    You should offer to sell the domain rights to them for an obscene amount of money or keep on posting the blog. Good for you and your lawyer for standing up to them. :) The letter was epic in all forms of the word.

  • West Orange outsider

    I’m looking for West Orange official municipality information and I sure hope this is the right place because of the name and all. Can’ be too careful. Can I apply for a city job?

  • Kanye Citrus

    Is Mr. Trenk still alive because surely he suffered a stroke or some other form of internal hemorrhage after reading Mr. Kaplitt’s letter?

  • Michael Cole

    Hey anyone notice, the Trenk law firm logo looks awfully similar to the logo of the TD bank? (And TD’s been around, here in Toronto, since the 19′th Century)… kind of ironic for a guy to write a ‘don’t use my client’s name’ letter if he’s going to copy corporate trademarked logos.

  • Dave Mathers

    Trenk spelled backwards is Knert!!!!! How fitting is that!!! Plus I think Knob might also apply. LOL

  • TonyG

    My 7 yr old son says’s that Gman lawyer is a bully. He’s learning karate and wants to come down there and kick his butt. Can you recommend a good hotel for us to stay in while my son limbers up?

  • LSutton

    Wildly diverting, thank you. Transparency in politics is always useful.

  • Tennesseelawyer

    It is ironic that the motto on the web site of West Orange Township is “where invention lives”.

  • Stuart Dauermann

    Being a sixty-eight year old Brooklyn boy living in exile (California: don’t ask), I am nevertheless bound by a blood oath taken in my youth to never say anything nice about New Jersey. However, Mr Freivald, you and your lawyer, and your extraordinary skewing of the Mayor, City Council, and one Lawyer Trenk have been such a delight to my old soul that I am forced to renege on my oath and say something nice about you both, and by extension, to say something nice about (shudder) New Jersey. Here it is: YOU GUYS ROCK! That was the most entertaining communication I have read since I long ago read the letters of Groucho Marx. KUDOS!

    • Jake Freivald

      Stuart, I know how much it hurts you to say so, and I appreciate the fact that even one of you stubborn cusses from Brooklyn can come around occasionally. Thanks. :)

  • Bob

    You and your nutbag friends are not the voice of the citizens… You rape of the official site is weak…There is a conflict with exterme prejudice on the horizon in this country…You will lose

  • Confused No Longer

    I knew nothing of West Orange or that this city even existed. Or is West Orange a country? I was so confused but after seeing this site I am confused no longer. West Orange is now placed on my list of places to visit after Mexico and another random city in North Dakota.

  • Flavio

    Is this still alive?

    • Jake Freivald

      Yes, it is!